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PVC Gutter System

We stock a varierty of superior quality PVC Gutter pipes to give your home that elegant look while collecting water seamlessly.





Our PVC drainage system are made by top manufacturers on the basis of breaking the traditional drainage system. Complete accessories, organized drainage, to avoid free falling into the water sludge splashed on the wall to affect wall effect.

Downspout conversion joint, arc-shaped outlet and other accessories help the balcony and floor-drain with a unified drainage and air conditioning condensation organized water features ,thus ensuring the system more comprehensive, to meet international market standard and requirement.

Our PVC gutter system products includes Brackets, Outlets and Stopends (End Cap), Gutter Angle, Rise and Fall Rafter Brackets, Downpipes, Downpipe accessories and other components.

Available colours:

White – Black – Brown







PVC Gutter System Features

Product Strength

PVC is made from molded plastic which means that the gutters are formed in one continuous unit. There is no paint to scratch or welded seams to corrode over time. In the shape and size of gutters, plastic is stronger than the metal alternatives. The weight of snow, ice or other loads will have less of an effect on PVC gutters, ladders will not dent the material and any blemish on the surface will not be visible.


Another reason to use PVC is its flexibility. Unlike metal gutters, PVC will not lose its shape when it bows slightly. In fact, it is manufactured to be able to bow with weight. Metal gutters are flexible, but when their shape is distorted they stay that way. Bending, denting and twisting effects in metal gutters are easily visible and can become an eyesore. With PVC, you avoid those problems.


Using PVC for your gutters is less expensive than installing metal. You do not want the final result to look cheap, but if you pick the right product, you will end up with a nice system of gutters at an affordable price. Be sure to hire the right people to install it so that you do not have to deal with poor workmanship. PVC gutters are easy to install. The sections of PVC are very lightweight and snap together quickly  with the right tools.

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